One of the biggest surprises for Marvel Studios’ SDCC Phase 4 announcement was that the announced What If…? series would be part of their phase line-up. Alongside the confirmation of the always amazing Jeffrey Wright playing the Watcher, we got the official logo reveal for the show. It is a great touch that the brand new logo actually resembles that of what Marvel Studios used before switching to its current version. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice that there are actually hints at what we can expect within the logo, as the red framing reveals some of the characters that will potentially get some attention in the Disney+ series.

If you look closer there are some obvious returning characters like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, and Black Widow. It actually seems like this may be the animation style that we can expect from the show. There is a strong inspiration from realistic drawings from comics. If this show also shares the movie-budget that the live-action Disney+ series will we could see an animated show that could rival Love Death + Robots.

Looking closer, there are two very noticeable additions. First off, there is a shot of what seems to be a zombie wearing Captain America’s uniform. Marvel Zombies are going to be rebooted soon but it was confirmed that What If…? will be based on existing lore of the MCU. As such, this actually may be a world where Red Skull killed Rogers and stole his uniform similar to the Old Logan comic. There is also a shot of Stark’s original armor that seems to be a bit older than the one we saw in Iron Man. We got some hints that there is a version where Peggy Carter becomes Captain America with Howard Stark potentially creating his own set of Iron Man armor. Perhaps we get a version of the Invaders in a What If…? story. They did reveal some of the returning cast members during the panel that also confirmed the return of the Howling Commandos.

There are quite a few returning characters that have passed away throughout the history of the MCU. Looks like Killmonger, Jane Foster, Yinsen, Korg, Yondu and even Thanos will make a return in some form or manner. We might see a version of Black Panther where the roles between T’Challa and Killmonger are switched. Perhaps this version even has Wakanda taking over the world. They could do something crazy like the reveal that Ho Yinsen was actually the Mandarin in the first Iron Man or Stark saves his life with the armor. Maybe we get a version of Guardians of the Galaxy where Yondu dropped off Peter with Ego and had to face the consequences. Such a show offers so many possibilities and hopefully will not just be a one-off mini-series that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be.

What are your biggest hopes for What If…? and there is a plotline you want to see most?

Source: Twitter