Disney+ may become a central hub for Marvel Studios creativity moving forward. Many mini-series are currently in development that will feature many classic MCU characters. The first series to greet us will focus primarily on Loki and is rumored to highlight his ventures throughout human history. The new streaming platform offers Kevin Feige and his team a new way to tell their stories. They are no longer restricted to the usual two hour run-time of a film and expand the MCU in unexpected ways. One version actually surprised us just a few weeks ago when it was announced that we will be getting an animated anthology series titled What If. It would feature a variety of episodes that focus on alternative scenarios that we are used to from the films. We will also get a lot of familiar voices to portray their film counterparts in animated form.

There is still some time until the series officially releases but we already have some wild ideas about what we hope to see in this series. One thing has been stuck in the back of my mind ever since the announcement. If it is built up like an anthology series, how exactly are they going to tie the different episodes together? It’s just half the fun with them showing each episode individually without any segway. As such, the one thing that really would add that little extra to What If would be a host. Someone that introduces us to the different segments in a creative way. It makes sense given that The Twilight Zone is making a return with a similar format. They could use the host to poke fun at the films and the studio. Whatever they decide to do, here are some picks of who want as the host for Marvel Studios’ What If.

Agent Coulson Reporting for Duty

There have been some hints that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may end after its upcoming seventh season. As a result, it seems like Clark Gregg‘s schedule might be open for a brand new project. His portrayal of Agent Coulson has become the staple of the MCU for quite some time. Many felt his absence in the films when a younger Coulson appeared briefly in Captain Marvel. As such, it seems like the perfect time to bring back everyone’s favorite agent for a new venture. There is the chance that Clark Gregg might decide to take a break from the MCU but he has always been one of the most enthusiastic members of the Marvel family.

Taking inspiration from The Twilight Zone, we could see him use his usual charm to hint at the next episode. Maybe we get some insight into his opinion on what should’ve happened. They could even throw in a short where he doesn’t get killed by Loki and he can live out his fantasy of being an Avengers. Maybe even bring back the old theory that he would be revived as Vision to have some fun with old fan theories. He could also be the connecting link to talk about various TV shows, such as what if Daredevil showed up in Captain America: Civil War. As one of the most memorable SHIELD agents, they could use the Helicarrier as the backdrop as he moves from room to room. In one moment he is reading a file on Loki or in another staring at the costume he prepared for Rogers in the first Avengers.

Lord Feige Himself

What If is the perfect opportunity to have Kevin Feige remind us why he is the mastermind behind the MCU. It would only be fitting for the man who started it all to host a show about the moments he helped create. We can use the backdrop concept from the Coulson pitch and expand on it. Feige interacting with the library from Doctor Strange or waving at passerby aliens on Xandar from Guardians of the Galaxy. He would become a part of the world he created as he talks about what happened behind the scenes. Maybe he would explain some of the creative decisions that lead to certain scenes and highlights alternative scenarios that almost happened. He could highlight the ending from Avengers: Age of Ultron where Carol Danvers was originally going to appear before being replaced. In a way, Feige could also continue Stan Lee’s legacy as another member of the Watcher’s that keeps an eye on the MCU as it keeps expanding. There is a lot of potential especially with how he has become the face of the company. He could even bring in other people from behind-the-scenes to discuss the What If scenario to lead into this new scenario.

Sounds Like a Job for Deadpool

It has finally happened, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox. Now, the last missing properties are finally back to where they belong. Alongside the X-Men comes one rather fitting host for a fourth-wall-breaking show. The Merc with a Mouth would be a perfect candidate to introduce the various segments. His comedy routine mostly consists of breaking the continuity of films. Maybe they could add some special episodes where he reimagines many scenes of him just being part of the events.

Just imagine Deadpool inserting himself into Avengers: Infinity War as the one to defeat Thanos and gaining his Infinity Gauntlet. We could get a short segment like the post-credit sequence of Deadpool 2 of his shenanigans as a result. He could make some comments about the Fox merger or the Perlmutter situation. They could use backdrops from various films to highlight the next story he is about to introduce or even see him shortly interact in some way. We get the opening shot of Cap on the ship in Captain America: Winter Soldier with Deadpool watching him beat the crap out of the soldiers with popcorn in hand. The only issue with this character is his R-rated nature, as Disney+ will most likely not explore anything beyond PG-13. Still, they could poke fun at him getting bleeped out and turn it into a running gag. There is a lot of possibility with the character and it would be even better if they get Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role.

Who Watches the Watchers?

You can never go wrong incorporating Marvel’s iconic fly-on-the-wall baldies, the Watchers. Comic fans know them as Marvel Universe’s primary spectators, neutral beings whose job is to simply observe, with the most popular one being Uatu. We’ve seen some of them hanging with the late great Stan Lee in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s high time that Kevin Feige gets his hands on such crazy characters. Because there are so many of them, how cool would it be to hear different stars voice each of them? Rainn Wilson for Uatu, Kate McKinnon for Eta, Phil Lamarr as Qyre, Will Forte as Ute, there’s a Watcher for everyone!

Doctor Strange

Who better to tell the tale of alternate universe stories than the guy who can look into them at will? Avengers: Infinity War had Stephen Strange look into the multiverses to see all the outcomes where they defeat the Mad Titan. Even though he only settled on one outcome, he had 14 million ‘What If’ stories to parse through. It’s a hot meme right now but imagine an episode where Strange actually looks at the What If universe where Ant-Man manages to shrink down and enter Thanos.

These are just fun examples of hosts that would be perfect to connect the individual What If segments. We may also just get individual segments shown as short stories similar in how the latest anthology series on Netflix Love Death + Robots handles its segments. It uses simple visuals to highlight some elements about the story and then just jumps straight into the action. Maybe we will see a variety of guests from MCU history appear and talk about the animated segments instead of having one specific host. We know so very little about the actual project outside of it being planned for the streaming service. At this point, almost anything is possible but hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long until we get an update.

Who would you vote to host the What If series? Would you want a host at all? Leave your thoughts below!