Ahead of this week’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 premiere, we wrote a Season 1 refresher for viewers anticipating the latest season.

Season 1 Recap

The first season of Cloak & Dagger established Tandy and Tyrone as one of many in a long line of divine pairs destined to save New Orleans.  Due to a tragic accident caused by Roxxon when they were kids, Tandy and Tyrone began to develop special abilities once they met each other again as young adults.  Tyrone developed the ability to teleport which is augmented when he wears a cloak or similarly hooded garment and Tandy is able to create daggers of light in her hands.  They’re also both able to interact with people’s emotions.  Tyrone is able to see people’s fears and Tandy is able to see people’s deepest desires.   Throughout the first season, the two of them slowly realize that their destinies are intertwined despite their vastly different backgrounds.

Tandy comes from a wealthy family, but after the accident with Roxxon which killed her father, she became a bit of a lost soul.  She also has to help take care of her alcoholic mother who spent all their money trying to hold Roxxon accountable for what happened.  Tyrone, on the other hand, lost his brother in the Roxxon accident and as a result, has very protective but loving parents.  We’re also introduced to Evita Fusilier, Tyrone’s love interest, who’s aunt is well versed in the supernatural happenings of New Orleans.  And once Tandy begins looking into what happened, she meets the scientist Mina Hess who also lost her father in the Roxxon accident.

Where things left off

Roxxon’s illicit activities unleashed a mysterious substance which caused people to become crazy and violent.  This causes a lot of isolated destruction around areas of New Orleans where Roxxon has been meddling.  Luckily Tyrone and Tandy were able to stop things from getting worse and turn off the valves that are releasing the harmful energy by joining their powers.  And in the ensuing scuffle Tandy bumps into Peter Scarborough, the corrupt Roxxon executive behind all this destruction, and puts him into a catatonic-like state using her mental abilities.

But even though they saved the city, they’re still on the run from the police by the end of the season.  Tyrone has been framed by Connors, a corrupt cop, for killing a local officer named Fuches.  Tyrone is taken into custody, but when the Police Department is attacked he’s able to escape.  And by the end of the season, Tyrone and Tandy are still on the run and hiding out in a church.

Loose ends

One issue I had with the first season was that there were a lot of unanswered questions.  We still don’t know what sort of energy Roxxon was harvesting that caused people to go crazy.  And related to what Roxxon is harvesting, we still don’t know the source of Tyrone and Tandy’s powers.  Especially since they keep developing and discovering new abilities.  In the final episode, Tyrone seems to use his cloak to absorb Connors, but they didn’t have time in the episode to explain what actually happened.  This is a power that he has in the comics, but there hasn’t been an explanation in the show yet.  It also keeps the possibility open that we might see Connors again since he didn’t actually die.

The other big loose end from last season is what happened with O’Reilly.  Throughout the first season, O’Reilly had been uncovering the corruption in her own police department which put her on Connors’ radar in a bad way.  They confront each other in the final episode and O’Reilly is able to escape by loosening a valve that unleashed some of the mysterious Roxxon energy.  She narrowly escapes, but is hit with the energy and falls in the water.  Then at the very end of the episode, we see her emerge with a slightly altered appearance and strange abilities.  It’s unclear what the extent of her transformation is, but hopefully, we’ll find out when the show returns later this week!