The heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have done a lot of good over the years, but the level of destruction has also been admittedly high. In The Avengers, there was enough damage to New York City that Daredevil now lives in a version of Hell’s Kitchen that’s as dark and gritty as when Stan Lee set the character there in the 1960’s. Whenever there is a “Code Green,” The Hulk indiscriminately destroys whatever is in his way. The examples of collateral damage are lengthy, which is important to remember as we move toward Captain America: Civil War.

In the latest WHIH World News Video above, it appears that all of this damage is not going unnoticed. The reporters are debating the cost of having The Avengers protect the world, showing that it is definitely a complicated subject. Just as interesting as the discussion that the reporters are having, which isn’t surprising if you know the basis for Civil War, are the headlines that come across the ticker on the bottom of the screen, which includes “Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross Announces Retirement From The Army.”

The WHIH Video says that there will be further discussions, focusing on past Avengers incidents. We’ll keep you updated as those videos are available. Until then, how much control do you feel the world should have over super-heroes that are trying to protect us?

Source: WHIH World News