In this day and age of movies, even with security measures as locked down as those of Marvel Studios, leaks of potential spoilers always find a way to make their way out. A new batch of photos today from Just Jared gives us a new potential look into phase 4 as we see MCU veteran William Hurt filming in Georgia on the set of Black Widow!

Nothing has been confirmed to this point, although rumors have been floating around for years concerning a potential Thunderbolts project from Marvel with General Thaddeus Ross at the helm. The specific rumors for Black Widow speculate a meeting in the post-credits between Ross and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova after her expected tussle with Scarlett Johansson, which would thicken the plot behind Widow’s Russian cohorts exponentially!

Also, Ross looks incredibly frail and sick in those photos. I could see them slowly setting up an arc for him where he tries to get into the superpowered game to restore some of his youthful vigor. Red Hulk anyone?

General Ross has evolved from hunting down Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the early days of the MCU to taking a prominent role in regulating all superheroes worldwide, pushing the Avengers to sign the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War and hunting down those who resisted in Avengers: Infinity War (so, going from antagonist to BIGGER antagonist!) Knowing this movie takes place in-between the 2 aforementioned titles, it will be interesting to see if Ross really does hunt down Widow and all of Team Cap with a vengeance in the aftermath of the battle in Germany. As the fans anxiously await more specific plot details along with an imminent Black Widow teaser trailer in the next couple of months, the excitement and anticipation are rising daily for the official kick-off to Marvel’s phase 4!

Source: Just Jared