UPDATE FOR AUGUST 4, 2018: More evidence has surfaced confirming Bethel in the role.

Originally published last May 18.

What a weird coincidence. Just as we unearthed a ton of highly likely Daredevil Season 3 rumors revealing Bullseye as the big bad, our friends at That Hashtag Show follow it up with the confirmation that Wilson Bethel was indeed playing Daredevil’s other archnemesis.

The casting of Bethel was announced last November as a then-unnamed FBI agent role, aligning with a previous character breakdown from THS under the name STEVE which hinted at a troubled FBI agent/villain in the making. Initially believed to be a version of the Sin-Eater, That Hashtag seems to have gotten their hands on some info confirming Bethel’s role as Bullseye. With all the juicy info surrounding the character in Daredevil Season 3, we’re incredibly excited to see Bethel fuck shit up for Matt Murdock.

Source: That Hashtag Show