Press for Avengers: Infinity War has officially begun, with the stars travelling all over the world to promote the film. Speaking to Italian publication Bad Taste, Sebastian Stan was quizzed on a possibly being included for the Black Widow standalone film. He said:

Yeah, absolutely! Of course! I mean, anytime I’m ready. They have a very nice history in my opinion. It’s very intricate. The truth is he actually taught her in the comic books. He was a teacher to her. It’s all set during a specific, interesting time. The Cold War. It’s all a very spy thriller-ish, noir-ish story. It would be very interesting to explore that on film. I would love if the do that. You know, I hope. Maybe they will.

So Stan seems to be on the money with his response. As if he’s certain deep down that he’ll be included in the film. Fingers crossed for that. It’s also great hearing him talk in detail his knowledge on both these characters. The Winter Soldier is the most obvious fit as a secondary character in a Black Widow-centric film. When they do confirm this eventually, it’ll be interesting to see if they will retain a chunk of their backstory together or retcon things to remain faithful to the comic. Their origins clearly panned out differently onscreen from their comic backstory.

Source: Bad Taste