Man these Doctor Strange Blu-Ray nuggets just keep on coming. Following those dope Thor: Ragnarok set pics is the second installment of ‘Team Thor’, Taika Waititi’s mockumentary that chronicles the exploits of Thor and his flatmate Darryl as they chill out and try to improve one another’s living conditions. It’s comedy gold born from the mind of Taika Waititi once more.

The clip gives us another look on what it’s like to live with the God of Thunder under the most mundane living conditions. While Team Thor Part 1 focused on the general routine of Thor as he settled into daily Australian life, this one gives us a glimpse on just how Asgardian finance work and how much the Australian exchange rate is for their currency. This clip once again proof of Chris Hemsworth’s fantastic comedic chops and timing. The man knows how to carry a joke and make it his own. The way he just bikes around the house after making a big deal about his muscles is absolutely hilarious.

As annoying as how short this clip is, you’ll have to buy the Doctor Strange Blu-Ray to see the entire thing in it’s glory. I sure could have used another extra 60 to 120 minutes of them just hanging out. Seriously, it’s about time Marvel start doing long-form one-shots featuring fun material like this!

The Chronicles of Thor & Darryl is set to hit cinemas 5 years from now as the marquee Phase 4 event that would unite all the multiverses in the comic book movie genre.

Source: Marvel Entertainment