It is time for another wonderful episode of the MCUExchange Podcast!  This week we have a special guest, Annmarie, who is along for a big conversation on the state of women in the MCU.  With Wonder Woman in the midst of the headlines, we are going to chat about how Marvel is doing representing women characters in their universe.  We also break down all the news, including some love for that incredible Black Panther trailer that hit this weekend.  During our segment ranking the MCU TV shows, we look at number nine on our list, Agent Carter Season 1.  (As a friendly reminder, we go FULL SPOILERS for everything that has been released in the MCU to this point.)  All that, plus all the best news, reviews, and speculations your money ears can hear.  It’s time for another episode of the MCUExchange Podcast.

0:00-Welcome and Special Guest

1:18-Black Panther Trailer
8:46-Luke Cage Season 2 and Rosario Dawson
13:25-Runaways Filming
14:11-Is Cloak & Dagger Renewed Already?
17:06-Spider-Man: Homecoming Tidbits
23:04-Infinity War Adds Even More Characters

26:06-#9 Agent Carter Season 1

37:14-The State of Women in the MCU

58:22-Carnage: The Musical
1:02:18-Goodbye & Twitter Grips