Avengers 4 is currently back in production and many actors are sharing pictures from the set. They do not reveal much but there are small hints at what is happening behind-the-scenes. Even the Russo Brothers have shared a rather cryptic picture that people have guessed is hinting at the film’s title or the directors just having fun teasing fans. We have one more returning cast member from the Avengers: Infinity War, as Benedict Wong shared a picture on Instagram from the set. Usually, we just get a few selfies from them in costume but the actor adds a rather interesting spoiler warning.

Looking closer at the picture it seems that they made a mask of Wong’s head. Doctor Strange has given us some psychedelic sequences so maybe Wong has to go through his own trip to save his lost friend. The release of Captain Marvel also opens up another interesting possibility. We will finally see the Skrulls on the silver screen and we could maybe see him suddenly transform into one of the green aliens. It certainly would be a rather interesting twist at the end of the film. Wong returning is an interesting hint at what role he may play as he was not featured on the leaked Avengers 4 picture. We do not know if he turned to dust at the end of Infinity War and there still are no hints that he will have a major role in the film. He might be trying his best to protect the Sanctum Sanctorum while Strange is absent and he could make an appearance at the end to help everyone take down Thanos.

What do you think the spoiler might be? Could Wong be a Skrull?

Source: Instagram

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