Venom seemed like a perfect cash grab for Sony. It is a well-known character that is connected to Spider-Man. They are vague about its existence as a story that takes place in the MCU to cash in on their new cooperation with Marvel Studios. Still, the more we hear about this project the more interesting it gets. Ruben Fleischer was hired as director and promised an R-rated comedy. What sells it to me personally is the always great Tom Hardy playing Eddie Brock, who has been quite astounding in the TV show Taboo. Then the film started adding Riz AhmedMichelle Williams, and Jenny Slate. The film has only started production but we have one more major casting announcement.

War for the Planet of the Apes and The Edge of Seventeen’s Woody Harrelson is currently being eyed for an undisclosed role in the film. Not much information is given, but it seems he will play a henchman of some kind. Given that Harrelson has built up quite a repertoire over the years, it might not be too surprising that his character is a set-up for a potential sequel. Sony might be eyeing their own trilogy to work alongside the MCU Spider-Man trilogy that Marvel Studios is spearheading.

We also have some new pictures from the Venom set. They show off Hardy trying to escape from a shootout on a bike. The most interesting aspect is that his means to escape involves him flying away, as one can see wires picking up him on his bike.

Hardy is wearing a hoodie, which seems to be all the rage with heroes nowadays, that suggests he will not turn into Venom to make his bike fly off. There is a chance that he only partly uses his powers to push himself off the ground, as he was able to control parts of his living suit to do various tasks without anyone noticing. It will be interesting to see how he uses his abilities throughout the film and how often he may actually turn into Venom. Moreover, it will be interesting to see why he is on the run. Perhaps they will stick to his journalist background that will get him into trouble throughout the film.

What do you think of the potential casting? Why do you think Brock is on the run?

Source: Variety, Screenrant

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