Here’s some cool news to fill this slump of a news week. The bros over at Omega Underground just uncovered the working title and filming schedule for the much-awaited Captain Marvel movie, and it will surely entice the loyal followers of Carol Danvers in the comics. The working title for the MCU’s first female-led film will be Warbird and will have a shoot date in the city of Atlanta during the months of January to May of 2018.

As I’ve mentioned above, the codename Warbird should ring a bell for you Carol Corps fans as it was once the superhero name of the beloved powerhouse hero. Back in the 90’s when edginess in comics reigned supreme, Carol donned the alias of Warbird, a codename not to be confused with the Shiar X-Men character of the same name. If I had to guess its relevance to the actual movie plot, I could totally see them use this codename as an easter egg. Maybe the nickname of Carol’s fighter jet or something.

With the filming dates at bay, we should expect some official casting news within the next 3-4 months. MCUEx readers who want to be extras in an actual MCU better start preparing their application forms for this! Don’t say we didn’t inform you if you aren’t able to clear your schedule later this year!

What do you think of Warbird as the film’s working title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Omega Underground