With Marvel’s The Inhumans set to hit screens both big and small next September, it should only be a small matter of time before we start hearing about casting news. Vin Diesel, someone who in the past has been vocal about his interest in playing Black Bolt, is apparently unlikely to appear in the show, but now professional wrestler Cody Rhodes has thrown his hat into the ring, telling BleedingCool.com that he has been “actively pursuing” a role in the Inhumans series:

I will fully disclose that I have been actively pursuing a couple of roles, that being one. I now have uprooted, moved to LA, to look into acting more, especially after the Arrow episode and all that. So that would be the world to me if that were to happen. And we’re actively looking into it. I’m all about it. I was really excited when I read that they’re excited about Inhumans in general. Taking a chance on that. That’s not something the casual comic reader really knows about, so that’s really cool. Plus, Black Bolt is like one of the best characters in all comics. The idea that a simple, spoken word could blow a room up is just… I dig everything that is Black Bolt.

If Rhodes does land a role in the Marvel series, it wouldn’t be the first time the wrestler has appeared in a comic book property. After fighting Arrow-star Stephen Amell last summer, Rhodes made an appearance on Arrow as the villain Derek Sampson in the season 5 episode “A Matter of Trust”. Despite his passion and nerd credentials, it seems likely that The Inhumans, which is being co-financed by Marvel Television and IMAX, will look for more experienced actors to play the Royal Family, though Rhodes certainly has the physique and looks to fill out Black Bolt’s suit.

What do you think? Would you like to see Rhodes make his MCU Debut, and if so who would you like to see him play? Sound off in the comments below!