Season 2 of Agent Carter has brought a new location and some new characters. This includes Peggy’s newest foe Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett), who has come across some very powerful new abilities. Her exposure to Zero Matter has made her feel stronger and more empowered than ever before, something shown in the latest clip.

We should learn plenty more about Frost during tonight’s episode, but in preparation CBR had a chance to talk to Everett. The started off by talking about the look of Madame Masque in comparison to the comics, which was something she was initially nervous about.

When I saw the picture after I had been cast, I was like, “Oh no. They got the wrong girl,” only because I look nothing like her. I was very nervous about it because I’ve had dark, dark hair in many things. I thought, “They will probably dye my hair dark, and I’m going to need to work out a bit. And those are some pretty big boobs.” I was quite astounded at her image online. When I talked to the producers in the beginning, we had a meeting before we started working. They said, “You know, we have a different take on Madame Masque. It’s a different look.”

Madame Masque traditionally sports a gold mask, but so far Frost has not used anything to conceal her cracking face besides her blonde hair. Although the showrunners have confirmed that she won’t wear a mask, Everett teased how they will deal with it.

I don’t even know if you’ve noticed up until now, but, in some of the episodes, there have definitely been masks in the background. They are bringing that into scenes and stories. As things progress with my face, you’ll see what they do.

Frost’s powers have made it possible for to absorb other people, or as she initially discovered, animals as well. Everett explained how Frost feels about killing people.

When I absorbed Rufus — I’ve had different takes on it. I was still quite horrified, and we had this amazing director, David Platt, and he said, “I think this is a conscious decision to use this power and kill this man.” For me, as the actor, I still think there is a mix of horror, complete fascination and complete amazement in this power. It begins to spin a bit out of control, where I can’t quite get a handle on it. The producers talked about what Zero Matter can stand for in so many people’s lives, and the hunger for more. When something takes you over, you don’t even know the day or the minute; it completely becomes everything to you. In normal people’s lives, it can be like a substance. I love that they are using an actual substance, this Zero Matter, that is taking her over. She’s kind of loving it and allowing it, but is also horrified.

When she was asked about if her powers will expand, she did not reveal what will happen but did explain that she will continue to use them whenever she deems necessary.

I experiment with my powers through the elimination of people in my way. I experimented with my power through finding Dr. Wilkes. It’s that universal, “More, more, more.” I can’t get enough of what I believe is going to allow me to take over completely.

Alongside the interview, Bleeding Cool released a new poster for the season featuring Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan).

Episode 5, “The Atomic Job“, of Agent Carter will air night at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool.