With so much constant speculation being made in the MCU about the integration of Marvel’s race of Homo Superiors, it comes with much excitement today to share a report broke by The Illuminerdi. According to the site, which has come to be a reliable source of intel for Marvel fans, The Mutants is the tentative working title of the MCU’s adaption of the popular X-Men franchise. They also were able to report that Marvel is inactive early development of the franchise. This could potentially but not definitely give us a release as early as late 2023 assuming it meets Marvel Studios agenda.

Marvel Studios has made it no secret that development was intended to begin on the introduction of the X-Gene and its inhabitants, more commonly known as Mutants. This became an actual topic of discussion instead of a fans wet-dream in late 2019 when 20th Century Fox was acquired by Marvel Studios parent company Disney and the film rights to the majority of Marvel’s classic properties reverted back to them. Ever since then, fans have run amuck with theories and speculation on what was cooking for Charles Xavier’s team of misfits. The studio has, however, been very coy about when, how, and where we would see them start to appear. Deadpool 3 is expected to carryover from the Fox X-Men franchise of the past 20 years but other than that it’s been reported frequently that Kevin Feige was more avid to have a fresh start than to retcon the MCU or convert an entire franchise into his own.

Going with the title of The Mutants doesn’t come as much of a surprise as we can recall that Kevin Feige and other Marvel Studios exes have made comments in the past to their inclusion by referencing them as Mutants instead of X-Men which is more of a household name. But the title does work wonders on the imagination of what this project could focus on, with us only being told that it is currently formatted as a feature film. ‘The Mutants’ doesn’t exactly sound like the X-team movie that we’ve been waiting for. In fact, if anything it sounds like an exploration of their kind as a whole.

This is such an exciting prospect to get actual rumored confirmation that the film is now being developed. This piece of news may seem small but it’s huge for giving us an idea of what to expect over the next year. With development currently ongoing without an official announcement, we could potentially see a handful of information revealed when we finally do get a confirmation from the team itself. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Marvel is preparing this to break the internet once the pandemic settles and Comic Conventions are back to their normal presence. We will have to wait and see what awaits the iconic franchise as more news on development unfolds.

Source: The Illuminerdi