One of the most memorable moments from Thor: The Dark World surrounded a surprise cameo by Chris Evans. While escorting Loki, the god of trickery starts mocking the Avengers. Just as he starts making fun of Captain America he actually turns into the patriotic hero while mocking his suit from the first Avengers film. It was a well-kept secret by everyone involved and managed to catch everyone off guard. It seems that this might be a Thor staple, as even Thor: Ragnarok had a massive secret hiding until its official digital and Blu-ray release.

In the middle of the execution sequence where Surge was about to make an example of someone, Yondu shows up out of nowhere in sunglasses and his Ravager jacket. He asks for the offices of Kevin and Lou before being pointed in the right direction. Grateful, he tells Skurge to continue what he is doing and everyone starts to laugh. It seems that even the actors playing the Asgardian crowd had no idea that Michael Rooker would crash the party.

Sadly, this is not a confirmation that Yondu survived Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 after all. It’s an inside joke pertaining to Kevin Feige and Louie D’Esposito. It’s amazing that it never leaked that he showed up on set but it makes sense given that he had various behind-the-scenes pictures of him with his makeup on even after Guardians Vol. 2 already finished filming. There is still the possibility he might appear in Avengers: Infinity War as he had hinted at it for some time but maybe Yondu will live on bombing various films in the franchise for some great little meta jokes.

Did you expect to see him in the Thor: Ragnarok extras? Do you think we might see more of these meta jokes throughout the MCU?

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