We are a little under two months away from the premiere of Black Widow which is set to launch Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the marketing for the movie is in full gear for several months now, a recent action-packed trailer has been released which gives insight as to what to expect. Set between Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War, it is a given that the film will center on flashbacks to give the viewers a more complex understanding of Natasha’s sacrifice in Vormir in Avengers Endgame. It has also been reported that the film will further go back in time and explore the origin story of Natasha through even more flashbacks in her early days in the Red Room. And now, the young actress who will play young Natasha Romanoff has been revealed.

Per Variety, it has been reported that newcomer Ever Anderson will play a young Scarlett Johansson a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff in Black Widow.  No other details have been revealed regarding the child actress’ role. On top of the news that Anderson has been tapped to play Wendy in Disney’s Peter Pan & Wendy,  Anderson’s only other credit includes playing a younger version of her mother, Milla Jovovich, in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

We already saw Johansson play a younger version of her character in Avengers Age of Ultron through Scarlet Witch’s visions. It would be interesting to see a much younger version of the character and there is a possibility that we will see how she gets recruited in the Red Room program. There is a chance that we will get to explore how Natasha and Yelena Bolova, Florence Pugh‘s character, met for the first time which will shed some light regarding their strong bond as seen in the recent trailer. While it has been confirmed from the recent trailer that Taskmaster is the one running the Red Room, it is more than likely that we will also get to see an earlier version of the character and we could even see if the character has a role in recruiting a young Natasha.

Fans can find out how the flashbacks will be handled when Black Widow premieres on May 1st.

Source: Variety