More promo art has leaked and this time it’s from the widely anticipated Captain Marvel of which we still have no trailer or even a poster, but these three images should sate us until then.

We get a pretty good look at what Samuel L. Jackson will look like in the 90s as Nick Fury. We got a glimpse of his appearance when we saw those set photos of him alongside Brie Larson and this promo art cements they’re likely to make him younger digitally, much like Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, except that this will be for the entire movie and not just one scene.

However, while writing this article, there was one interesting design choice I noticed: she’s wearing fingerless gloves. In the originally unveiled concept art from Comic-Con, she wasn’t – she was wearing normal gloves that covered her entire hand, including her fingers, which means this was a deliberate change.

No past or present costume design for Carol Danvers has this in the comics – it is a completely new design choice and I think it’s how they’re going to ground her powers within the Marvel Cinematic Universe and help explain them. In the comics, they never really explain where the energy exactly emits from her hands, it just kinda does. But, maybe in the MCU, they’ll make it a point that her energy blasts primarily emit from her fingers or at least that’s how she directs her blasts. It could also help explain one of her other powers, energy absorption, and that she maybe needs skin contact in order to properly absorb energy.

Either way I like it. What do you guys think? You a fan of the jacket and fingerless gloves?