We’ve been getting a ton of updates on the status of Thor: Ragnarok over the past month, and surprisingly enough, we have yet another piece of news. Most recently, Mark Ruffalo was added and he confirmed Loki’s return as well. Now, one of the supporting characters from Thor: The Dark World is hoping to come back.

Although some fans may not have realized it at first, Zachary Levi replaced Josh Dallas as Fandral in the second Thor movie when Dallas had scheduling issues with Once Upon a Time and The Dark World. Since then, Levi has gone on to become one of the leads in Heroes Reborn, but he doesn’t want to give up his role in the MCU. However, according to him, he is as much in the dark on if he’ll return as we are.

No, not at all. As far as I know, they are still writing the script. Once that’s all buttoned down, I’m sure they will be making the phone call to whatever actors are involved. I hope I’m involved. I’d love to reprise Fandral. That was a fun experience, getting to be blonde, Asgardian and sounding British. I think shooting in Australia would be a hoot. The weather is certainly more conducive to happiness than when we were shooting in London, which is a great city, but pretty dreary.

Levi has previously stated that playing Fandral hasn’t crushed his chances of playing another character in the MCU, but it seems like for now he is content on sticking with Fandral and being apart of the Warriors 3. Jaimie Alexander has already confirmed she’ll return as Lady Sif, but Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) is also unsure if he’ll be returning for Ragnarok at this time. I believe we’ll see the whole gang back together and that Marvel will confirm their returns by June of next year when Ragnarok goes into production.

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to hit theaters November 17, 2017.

Source: Spinoff Online