The legacy of Captain America following the finale of Avengers: Endgame continues to grow as the upcoming Disney+ series starring Steve Rogers’ BFFs, Falcon & the Winter Soldier, gets two more major cast members and a director. Daniel Bruhl and Emily Van Camp are in talks to return to the Marvel fold after a three-year absence as Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter respectively. The Handmaid’s Tale director Kari Skogland will direct all six episodes of the show which is now being targeted for an August 2020 release date. Unsurprisingly, Deadline is reporting that Falcon wielding Cap’s shield from Endgame will factor into the story.

Just from Zemo’s return alone, this makes it immensely exciting news. Zemo is unanimously one of the better MCU villains and a lot of fans have been hoping to see him once more. Maybe his appearance here gets us closer to a Thunderbolts/Masters of Evil type of setup. Agent 13 also brings up some interesting story possibilities as she’s been sorely missing from the MCU since her Captain America: Civil War appearance. Whatever happened to her and Steve? Did she get snapped? These are questions I’d like to be addressed in the show.

On the toping of returning characters from the Captain America franchise, I sure as wouldn’t mind seeing the return the Howling Commandos in some capacity. Maybe even an appearance from Toby Jones as Zola. Overall, this just gets me hyped for the upcoming shows.

Source: Deadline