During European Gala event for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the cast walked the red carpet, the Marvel snipers were likely trained on each of the actors. That didn’t stop Zoe Saldana from dropping a nugget only recently unearthed. During an interview with Saldana on her involvement with Avengers: Infinity War, she not only confirmed that we can expect the Guardians to return for the sequel, but may also have accidentally revealed the title of the mysterious sequel.

Going by the strong inspiration this story is taking from the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, it would make sense for the sequel to be named Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Kevin Feige has pointed out that the title of the sequel would be a bit of a spoiler, which makes sense with the Gauntlet tagline. Most Avengers films were self-contained, but these two are being filmed back-to-back making them one complete story. If the sequel is titled Infinity Gauntlet, it is a strong indicator that the first film will focus heavily on Thanos obtaining the Infinity Stones until he finds the gauntlet completely in his control in the sequel, making him the biggest threat they have ever faced.

Another important point we can gather from this short interview excerpt is the fact that Saldana also confirmed that the Guardians will play a role in the sequel to Infinity War. It was unsure how the characters would fit into the film overall, but by confirming that they finished their scenes it seems that they might play a bigger part early on warning the Avengers of the imminent threat before catapulting off into their own adventure that may bridge us into the sequel of the film. Marvel Studios recently revealed the decision to shoot the films back-to-back rather than simultaneously, so Saldana’s comment about returning later this year line up with that.

What are your thoughts on this reveal? Do you like the title, and what do you think it could mean for the story?